Awake the West!

by Surfin Turnips

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Recorded Summer 2014. Room 4 Bristol.
Features a few efforts from two of the Dreadnoughts.
The West Country has a proud, diverse and rich cultural, musical and literary heritage. In light of this prowess we present to you a blend of traditional and self-penned songs to accompany the raising of the cider jar. Ar, awake the West!


released January 24, 2016

Jam - Gits/vox
Titch - Bass/vox
Matt - Drums
Ian - Accordian
With a lot of ...
Nick - Banjo/vox
Kyle - Mandoli/Vox



all rights reserved


Surfin Turnips Bristol, UK

Lifting the cider jar since 1991ish.... weem not sure.

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Track Name: Turmut Hoer
I am a turnmt hoer, from Wiltshire I were born. Me parents they be workin' folk. The fly be on me turmut.
Track Name: The Quaker
Oh come all ye fellows whoever you may be who has got a mind for to sail the salty sea. We'll go on board the Quaker and soon you will find our ship she be well rigged and sells like the wind.
Track Name: Evenin' in the Village
Cider can
Track Name: Oh apple tree
In the deepest glade see the maidens fair, they kneels at the Apple Tree. Oh Apple Tree we wassail thee, show us the light to be us light make us free from the corporations who would murder us all - oh lore!
Pass round the jug and take a supp, Cutler's name drifts into the night. Nought could compare with this pasty we share - the souls of the West join the light. On the lonesome road see the Fach-y-Toad, Don't believe what he say. He'll promise thee gold and truth untold, they leads to the hollow grave. Run my son over the moor, to orchard, as before, to the sanctuary of the old Apple Tree - oh lore!
Track Name: Eddystone Light
Track Name: Ciderman killed the radio star
He ain't forgiven, He cousn't takes it any more. Theys driven him just right down and scraped him off the floor.He had his final mission and his jar, he had his scrumpy vision CKTRS. Switched on the radio, all the neat bands were real lame, DJ's psycho-patter destroyed his cider brain.
Track Name: Sampford Peverell Pig Farmers Polka
Once there was a pig farmers barn on the border of Somerset and Devon.When the days work were done, when the sun went down were the place that the locals came together. Though I was only young I remember everyone, Drank and sang till the early morn. Yes we'll all dance together on that barn on Sampford Moor, yes we'll all dance together the Sampford Peverell Pig Farmers Polka. You can get yerself some lessons in a church hall in the levels, you can learn to dance the foxtrot. Or if its more of your thing you can learn to do the swing in a hotel in Horton Cross. But the only dance for me, I'm sure you will agree keeps me up till the early morn.
Track Name: Summat queer on Batch
Dialect guide. Gert = Big. Body = person. Axed = Asked. Batch - an areal of rough land. Ee = you. Queer - unexplainable. Shepton Mallet Races - Mid Somerset cider making town. Vleshy = fat. Vlat Voot - flat foot. Ar - Yes.
Track Name: A cottage on Dartmoor
Twer on a sunny summers morn the 21st of May. We strode upon ole Dart-y-moor, Jan Stewers door to stay. There were the Turnip band me boys, the Dreadnoughts and Jan Coo. We drank the scrump and downed our hoes and kicked a hellabaloo.
Things were gwine viddy me boys until the mist came down. A mortal howl came across the moor, twer the fearful Yeth Hounds. Ole Nick got the pixies curse and dragged into the bog, Kyle got grabbed by the Hairy Hands and dragged into the bog.
Track Name: Spanish Ladies (Plus bonus hidden track)
From Ushant to Scilly its 35 leagues.
Buttercup Joe is the hero of many a basic country song- I guess in Americal he became Cotton Eyed Joe.